Foundation Scripture: Ezekiel 12: 21-28

God has placed a dream inside of everyone’s heart. As he is the author and finisher of our faith so is he the author and finisher of our dream.

God did not consult with anyone before he gave you a dream so you need to stop waiting for people’s permission and approval or people’s validation before you start living your dream.

People do not need to support your dream nor are they bound to approve of your dream Roman 3: man’s unbelief does not nullify the faithfulness of GOD. So don’t wait for the majority’s approval before you begin working on your dream. Joseph did not even wait for his brother to come to terms with his first dream before he sprang the second one on them. He said I have dreamed another dream

In God’s economy, your dream is already a reality but nothing will happen until you set it free.

READ: Daniel 9:23

SAY: Consider the matter and understand the vision

Having a dream/vision is one thing, having an understanding of it is another. You need wisdom to be able to successfully execute it.

READ: Proverb 20: 5

The counsel of GOD is implanted deep in our hearts, it takes wisdom and understanding to unlock it and set it free. Until you understand the dream, you cannot set it free.

You can have the most sophisticated equipment in your possession and if you don’t know how to use it, it’s as good as useless. You may have the most glorious idea/vision/concept from GOD but if you don’t understand it, it’s as good as useless. Your vision/dream is the intention of GOD in the heart of men.

3 Keys to Understanding Your Dream


You need to ask yourself a simple honest question. This dream that I carry, this idea and business, this relationship that I am in that consumes and overwhelmed me, WHERE DID IT COME FROM? Only you can do this and also knows the answer.


2 ramifications

1, People failed in life because they spend all their time pursuing a dream GOD did not give them. They have embraced a dream imposed on them by circumstances.

People want to be rich because they saw the pain of poverty they saw in their childhood/A rich oppressed them/Dream imposed on u by other people/ career their parents imposed on them

(Grandma had a dream you will be a lawyer, grandma is dead and you are still battling with law school/Uncle told u you have a preacher’s head.


ASK:  so be honest with yourself, did your desire/dream/passion comes from someone’s desire that was imposed o you

2nd Ramification of this truth

What is your motive for pursuing this Dream?

Why are you pursuing this particular desire/ dream?

Are you trying to impress someone

What are unresolved issues affecting this dream? ( What are you trying to prove? as clever as your sister)1 john 5:4, 3:6)

What is driving you? It cannot be born out of hate, jealousy, hurt, revenge because those are products of the flesh and thus becomes an Ishmael that can never prosper.

Your vision should then be borne out of the word of GOD and his revelations

Is this a good dream or God’s dream



The question here is what resources do I have to fulfill this dream?

Before GOD gave you a dream, he already placed in you everything u needs to fulfill it.


God will always use something that you have, God told Moses what he has in his hands, Elisha told the widow of Sara fat, what DO you have in the house.


Act 3:6, peter said silver and gold I have not……

Ephesians 3:20 , now to him who is able to do

I got the power


There will be challenges

Learn to celebrate what GOD has placed inside of u and stop waiting for others to validate you first.


The celebrities are not the real celebrities

The record holders are not the real record holders

Be willing to acknowledge your weaknesses


Don’t be intimidated by the size of your dream, (small & big) they come in our sizes.

Analogy: A lady dress size 10 and another in size 22,

Don’t let other peoples dream intimidate you because it is grandeurs, it could be basic, one dimensional

Don’t be intimidated because your dream is small- Moses mum-

Don’t be intimidated because your dream is big (all dream needs a faith element)

Don’t run other people’s race and don’t compare yourself with them. (2 Cor 10:12)

Your dream is tailor made for you and has your DNA, made to measure for you, has your fingerprints on it. David rejected the amour of Saul.

Saul was envious of a little shepherd boy

You have the grace to do what he called you to do


Friend GOD has placed a dream in your heart and all of heaven is waiting for its manifestation, infact all of humanity. But you will not be able to manifest it until you understand it. For the last time, tell someone for me Understand Your Dream


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