One Question You Must Answer to Walk the Path to Success in Life or Business.

Every child of God needs to settle it in their mind that it is God’s desires for us to prosper and have abundance. The platforms God will use in blessing you are the work of your hand, your ideas and your business. This is why it is very important for you to consider having your own business, or at least explore the ideas to see of it is worth pursuing.

However, before you dwell too far into the scary, unpredictable but rewarding journey of entrepreneurship, you must really understand the motivations pushing you to start the particular business or project. You must succinctly answer the question… WHY?

Becoming a successful entrepreneur requires thorough planning, creativity and hard work.Considering these three important factors, it is imperative to have sound understanding of WHY? you want to embark on what you believe to be your most rewarding journey.

Are you starting because you want to make more money needed for you to retire comfortably? Or trying to break free of the regular 9-5 work bracket? Or trying to meet an untapped need within the market? Or entering this business because God actually called you to do it?

For me, my WHY is very simple:

– The PASSION to succeed, fulfill my calling and break out of the monotonous mundane lifestyle!! After i was able to answer this question of WHY, the rest of my entrepreneurial journey became very easy.

When you can comfortable find your WHY (motivation) you would be strong enough to stick through the dry and unprofitable seasons. My WHY provided me with so much energy and drive not to notice the temporary inconvenience!

My question to you is: What is your own motivation for starting?

– As you ponder on this question and check your motives, I pray that God will illuminate your heart and grant you the enabling grace to soar like the eagles!!

Until Next Time, BE INSPIRED TO SUCCEED in the life and business you really want..

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