Enter the New Year with A Big Bang in Prayer, Praise,  & Prophetic Release for A Flourishing 2018

With evidence of changed lives and numerous testimonies of miracles, supernatural healings, and breakthroughs recorded annually since its inception, the New York Breakthrough Experience(NYBEX) has become the place to be for those who want to launch into the new year victoriously.

According to Pastor Festus Adeyeye “Life is about leaving and entering. How you leave one level determines how you will enter the next. How you end the year will determine how you will enter and function in the coming year-. Destiny is not a race but by grace. It is who you join that determines what you enjoy.  Join the breakthrough family in order to enjoy grace in the year 2018”

On Sunday, December 31st, at 9pm, thousands of New Yorkers will again gather together for a night of Gospel music and lifechanging REVELATIONAL WORDS necessary to successfully over into the year 2018.  This event is FREE to attend and will take place at PACPLEX Sporting Center, 1500 Paerdegat Ave N, Brooklyn, NY 11236.

NYBEX is hosted annually by Abundant Life Christian Ministries, a non-denominational, word of faith church led by Senior Pastors Festus & Anthonia Adeyeye. With past performances from artists such as SINACH, Uche Agwu, Sean Daniel, Jermaine Edwards, this year will feature world-renowned gospel artist Victor Olayeni and the dynamic New Dimension Choir.

To those who want to regain their lost years and opportunities; to those who want to see their dreams fulfilled in the coming year; to those seeking new directions in the coming year, and to those praying to have a successful 2018, there is no better and more productive way to start the journey than in an atmosphere of possibilities and miracles. Join several New Yorkers at this year’s New York Breakthrough Experience (NYBEX) to transition joyously and successfully into the New Year, 2018

For free transportation and other details, contact 71

8)-566-2601 Ext 8. To learn more about ALCC, visit

Located between East New York and Sutter Avenue right by the Sutter/Rutland Station, ALCC is a word of faith Christ-Centered multi-racial church. The church is known to be passionate about transforming lives and communities for Christ. Under the leadership of Senior Pastors Festus & Anthonia Adeyeye, the church coordinates more than 30 outreach ministries meeting such diverse needs as youth empowerment, housing, senior services and much more.



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