One Habit Preventing Entrepreneurs from Succeeding In Business

As a highly motivated entrepreneur or working professional, your greatest desire is to be successful and get recognition for what you do.

This desire to succeed often lead you to paths of multiple ideas and an eagerness to execute all successfully.  Often times, this is not always the case as you find yourself not achieving the desired or expected success.

I have seen this scenarios plays itself over and over for visionaries, entrepreneurs and working professionals where one stumbling block becomes a hindrance to their envisaged success.

One which had also affected me in my quest at building a side business while working full time.

A habit, if not properly managed, may be a time waster and hindrance to you as well.   

This problem stems from the world we live in now, where we want things done at lightning speed. A world where we are being sold the lies of overnight success and easy way out.  

This culture has gradually crept into our habits and lifestyle and in the words of James Allen, these habits begat our characters and our characters invariably begat our destiny.

Saying it as it is in plain language, the singular bad habit of trying to do too many things at the same time as a result of lack of patience will keep being a stumbling block for you as a Visionary, Entrepreneur, and Working Professional.

We try out so many things at the same time, get paranoid when things don’t work out for us and we either quit at the end, or get frustrated or get stuck and so the cycle continues.

We waste precious time on social media timelines of “successful people” we admire wishing we could host big conferences, go on expensive holidays, and close multimillion-dollar deals, host charity balls and so on.

Rather than get trapped trying to be successful overnight, focus on building a system, a workable structure that will be sustainable for years to come.

You need patience to build a lasting structure, let things play out, craft a step by step strategy and build the right team of people who would help push the dream forward.


Listen, I desire you to succeed and want to ask you right now, what will you begin to do differently? Focus on one thing, one idea, and one strategy and implement fully until successful.

Only and when only you deliver should you consider thinking of another idea or project.

Therefore, stay focused and remember; the goal is not to look successful and rich but to BE truly successful and rich.

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Until next time, Be Inspired to Succeed

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