Business Idea Development

Let us help you “flesh” out your business concept by leading you through a systematic evaluation and description.

In dot.com parlance this is known as describing your “business model”.

The Business Idea Development Package includes:

  • Business Idea Evaluation Checklist.
  • Three, 60-minute one on one coaching phone calls.
  • Two hours of staff time to research your concept.
  • Expert written critique of your chosen business concept, as well as written summary and response after each of the three coaching calls.
  • $50 discount on our Start Your Business NOW! E-Course.

How we guide you

As soon as you sign up, you will be sent the link to download the Business Idea Evaluation Checklist. You print it out and write in your answers to the questions asked. We suggest that you complete the checklist in the week after you download it, to keep your planning momentum.

Call #1
The first coaching call is to discuss your objectives and mission in more detail.

You then receive comments from your coach via e-mail within twenty-four hours of your first coaching call.

Call #2
The second coaching call is to discuss your product or service in more detail.

You then receive comments from your coach via e-mail within twenty-four hours of this second coaching call.

Call #3
The third coaching call is to discuss your intended customers/clients in more detail and to examine your proposed sources for revenue to be derived from bringing your intended business concept to the marketplace.

Package Cost

Coaching by the Hour

You may just need a bit of expert help to decide between two choices, complete a planning task or understand better how to formulate your business strategy.

To offer help as economically as possible, we’re pleased to provide expert counsel and feedback on an hourly charge basis.

$150 for the first hour.

$100 per hour when booking two or more hours at one time.

Business Plan Critique

Smooth your path with a banker or potential investor by getting a critical review of your business planning work to date.

Cost customized to your need.

Use the form below to tell us your needs.

First Name: Last Name:


Phone Number:

Please check one of the boxes below to describe at which stage
you are in your business planning:

Haven’t started. Not sure what to do first.

Finished first draft – need edits.

Final plan done. Need critical review.

Marketing Plan Creation

A smart marketing plan describes exactly what you will sell, who is most likely to buy and why they will buy it, why your offer is superior to that of competition, what your financial and non-financial goals are and your revenue generating formula.

You will use our award-winning Marketing Plan Outline document, written in Word for Windows to allow you to easily add or subtract text as you work through the document.

The Marketing Plan Outline comes with complete directions for filling it out.

Package includes:

1. Marketing Planning Form with completion instructions.
2. One, 60-minute coaching phone call to discuss your written narrative and suggest improvements.
3. Expert evaluation of your revised Marketing Plan via e-mail.

Start-Up Marketing Package

In today’s very competitive world, you need a very memorable identity for your business, both online and offline.

We link you up with our expert graphic and website design teams who have created eye-catching identities and traffic-stopping websites for hundreds of our start-up clients.

Package includes:

1. Professionally-designed logo.
2. Guidance in selecting and registering a domain name.
3. Business card layout and printing of 500 full-color business cards.
4. Guidance in setting up e-mail marketing and web hosting accounts.
5. Design and launch of a non-ecommerce business website, written on the Word Press platform, which permits you to do your own website updates.


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