Gbenga Omotayo, Event Marketing Expert, To Train Nigerians Across The Country On Entrepreneurship, Extra Income Generation Streams – For Free

Gbenga Omotayo, Marketing Expert, To Train Nigerians Across The Country On Entrepreneurship, Extra Income Generation Streams – For Free  

New York, NY– There’s a wave of change sweeping Nigeria. Despite the ever-present effects of the economic depression, thousands of Nigerians can, indeed, rise above the bleak current economic climate and thrive.

Platform Of Success’ Gbenga Omotayo, a multi-talented Nigerian businessman, will impart his hard-gained wisdom on a series of inspirational, free conferences, set to take place in select venues across the country. Conference participants can learn about building a successful business from the ground up, utilizing their innate creative powers and abilities to not only supplement their income, but eventually transition from the role of mere employee to a fully-fledged business owner.

Mr. Omotayo has developed a sure-fire, empowering program, which he has utilized himself to propel his global ventures to unprecedented heights of success. In his quest to give back to his fellow compatriots, and help them realize their true potential, Mr. Omotayo will provide conference participants with the essential tools and resources, as well as his expert tips, on how to break free from the shackles of a consuming 9-5 job and provide a better standard of living for both their families and themselves.

Joined by other, like-minded, internationally-acclaimed entrepreneurs, the conferences provide an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Nigerians to take charge of their lives and prosper, against all odds.

To reserve their FREE spot in one of the conference locations, participants MUST register at, as seats are filling up, fast.

Extensive media coverage of the events is expected from both national and international news outlets. To keep up with updates, spread the word and join the conversation, search and/or use the conferences’ official hashtag, #Platform4Success, across all social media platforms.

Event schedule


Saturday, Nov 5th: Ikeja-Lagos

Start: 10:00 am

End: 14:00 pm

Venue: Solab Hotel & Suites- 1 Owodunni /Amore Street,

Off Toyin Street, Ikeja – Lagos


Sunday, November 6th: Maryland-Lagos

Start: 13:00 pm

End: 15:30 pm

Venue: ALCC Auditorium 6 Akinwunmi Street, Mende- Maryland

6 Akinwunmi Street, Mende- Maryland


Wednesday, November 9th: Ado Ekiti

Start: 10:00 am

End: 14:00 pm

Venue: AB Hotel & Event Center- Beside All Saints Ang. Church,

Olora Layout, Housing Rd, Adebayo, Ado Ekiti


About the Host

The Author of How to Start Your Own Business While Employed, Gbenga is an internationally-known event marketing expert, startup coach and serial entrepreneur based in New York. His work at Platform for Success has helped transformed countless lives and small businesses. He is passionate about helping people succeed in the life and business they desire, thereby fulfilling God-given potentials.


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