My Answer to 10 Entrepreneur Question at Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN)

Before you watch this video, i need to share a testimony: I sent an email to TBN requesting a media interview for someone else but what happened next will shock you! I never got any acknowledgment of my email for over 2 months and one day, i got this email asking if i would love to interview for […]

3 Steps to Transitioning Your God Inspired Ideas into Profitable Business

Couple of weeks ago, i had a powerful interview with Tiffani Knowles and Femi Akojenu on Lifezone TV during its signature program “Hallelujah Hour”. I shared some powerful keys and nuggets as it concerns Christianity and entrepreneurship! Owning a successful business has never been this easier and with the aid of technology, access to the […]

One Question You Must Answer to Walk the Path to Success in Life or Business.

Every child of God needs to settle it in their mind that it is God’s desires for us to prosper and have abundance. The platforms God will use in blessing you are the work of your hand, your ideas and your business. This is why it is very important for you to consider having your […]


Here are six steps to validating your business idea: 1. Check for Profit Potential Identify people or businesses doing your type of business idea you have and see how profitable it is for them. Most often than not, there should be some competitors in the market which indicated a ready market waiting to receive your […]