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  • Press release
  • Testimonials from early readers with book facts
  • Book cover images in high- and low-resolution
  • Author photo and author bio
  • Sample chapter—Before You Quit Your 9-5 Job!
  • Contact Info

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How to Start Your Own Business While Employed – Media Kit

Sample Interview Questions

  • What is Starting Your Own Business While Employed all about?
  • Why do people need your book in today’s world?
  • Why do you say now is the best time to start a business?
  • Why does a person with a job need to start a business?
  • How did you get interested in the topic of business startup? What is your own entrepreneurial experience like?
  • Once you have an idea, how do you go about creating a compelling business?
  • What mistakes did you make that others should avoid when starting their business?
  • What do you say to those who claim to be too busy to start a business?
  • Who would benefit from this book?
  • Your book has many chapters, what are those?
  • Why do think it is important to “Start A Business?
  • What do you cover in “Before You Quit Your Job?”
  • In chapter 3, you spoke about “Exploring Your God-given Business Idea”… what do you mean by that ?


Fan Resources

Ideally, anything that you post to promote HOW TO START YOUR OWN BUSINESS WHILE EMPLOYED would come via your own words and your own endorsements / testimony for the book. These items are simply to help spur ideas, however you may use exactly as shown if you wish. Fully up to you. We just ask that you include the link to and mention the bonus offering when possible.

Twitter/Facebook Posts

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  • Being successful means becoming the expert in recognizing wow when it shows up #starturbusiness
  • If you want to start your business, it is going to require courage. Are you willing to be brave?
  • An inspired idea plus a compelling product equals a big win for you #starturbusiness
  • Before you can find your way, you must discover your why #starturbusiness
  • You can either accept reality as it is or create it as you wish it to be #starturbusiness
  • If you are serious about starting your own business you need to first engage in side hustle starturbusiness
  • Starting a business is like anything else. The more you do it, the better you get #starturbusiness
  • If you start a business, you achieve greater fulfillment about your life, and what matters most
  • Marketing is no longer about generating transactions; it is about building relationships
  • The good news is, it is not that difficult to build a profitable business #StartUrBusiness
  • Stop focusing on growing your traffic. You need to concentrate on growing your subscriber list
  • A consistent brand is vital for a strong business #StartUrBusiness
  • Contrary to what many think, having your own business offers handsome rewards and fulfillment
  • If you want to build a social media platform, then you have to be a giver, not a taker
  • Every problem is an opportunity to create a great product #StartUrBusiness
  • You really can monetize your creative God-given idea without selling your soul #StartUrBusiness
  • What would having your own business make possible for your passion, time, your cause and your family?


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