About Platform for Success

Platform for Success is a movement started by me, Gbenga Omotayo. This community is designed to help visionaries, working professionals, new and existing entrepreneurs succeed in the Life, Career & Business through actionable insights and simple “how-to’s”.


Project, Marketing & Event Management Specialist, Businessman, CEO, Life Coach, Mentor

These are only a few of the titles I have acquired through my involvement in various enterprises. My works are a testament to my principles My Profile Picsand beliefs, which helped me overcome any obstacles that I may have encountered, achieve my goals and make my dreams a reality.

As a Project, Marketing & Event Management Specialist, I Help Go Getters Launch Out & Make Businesses Stand Out!”

I believe…

That anyone with the will to move beyond the constraints imposed by their socioeconomic status or personal inhibitions can ultimately transform their lives.

In appreciation of my good fortune, I aim to actively give back, dedicating my time to cultivating my passions for learning and helping others.

I write, speak, coach and actively support numerous efforts, both on a local, national and international level, aiming to make an impact in people’s career trajectories.

My greatest pleasure is to empower, guide and aid others into manifesting their God-given abilities, either via entering entrepreneurship or ministry, as a means to reach their full potential.

I have gained expertise in…

13246421_10156912744290054_5783495158706441709_oGuiding business startups, overseeing events production, providing marketing communications and striving for excellence in business networking.

I am known for…

Being the CEO of Global Christian Event Network and the Pacetas Marketing Agency.

Authoring How to start your own business while employed and Start A Business, Make Extra Income While Employed

Coaching aspiring writers through the Publish and Prosper course, and eager entrepreneurs through the StartURBusiness course.

Producing Night of Gospel Laughs®Christian Resources Expo™ and starting the revolutionary Platform for Success with Gbenga™ podcast.

Through Platform for Success™, every week, I offer advice, insights and riveting commentary on a range of matters including business, entrepreneurship, and life.
Those with a keen interest in attaining success have found that, through utilizing key aspects of the program, both their business dealings
and personal lives have improved immensely.

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I was honored to have been recently featured in…

The following media platforms have given me the opportunity to reach a wider audience:IMG_0020

  • Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) “Community Affairs Program” (February 20th, 2015)
  • LifeZone Television New York:  Monthly TV Show “Platform for Success with Gbenga Omotayo
  • TouchNot Radio: Monthly Radio Show “Platform for Success with Gbenga Omotayo
  • Light of the World Newspapers: a Monthly column titled “Platform for Success with Gbenga Omotayo

I am available for keynote speaking engagements.

Additionally, my services include:

  • Designing, developing and implementing integrated and event marketing systems
  • Speaking at youth events and church programs
  • Providing customized training programs, tailored to your teams’ needs
  • Bespoke guidance and life coaching, to help you discover and develop your life’s purpose

Email info@gbengaomotayo.com, or simply call (917) 826 3566 to book my appearance at your next group gathering, event, program or business function.

Let’s connect!

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