How to Find or Receive Profitable Business Idea

Today, we’re working “on” discovering and receiving viable and profitable business idea

So the next important question now is how do you receive a business idea from God? Or How do you know for certain this consuming nagging and persistent idea are God-given?

Well, Proverbs 20:5 says, “Counsel in the heart of man is like deep water, but a man of understanding will draw it out.”

Based on the understanding of this verse, we can safely conclude that for us to actually download business ideas and innovations from God, we need a vibrant growing and continuous relationship with Him by seeking His presence and meditating on His words.

According to Dr. Jerry Savelle, “Hunger for God and a deeper revelation of his words are the keys to receiving God-given opportunities and God ideas. His ideas come to us through his wisdom of God, through his word and through his spirits speaking to our hearts.’’

In my new book, I discussed in details the 3 Step Idea Progression Equation that God will take you through by which your passion is transformed into a business:

1. Wisdom from God
The LORD by wisdom hath founded the earth . . . Prov 3:19

When God places an idea into your spirit either through dreams, visions, inner witness, word of knowledge, encounter or trance and so on, it is generally given in the form of Wisdom from God. This wisdom is a general direction of what needs to be done but without specific details and actions to be taken in achieving it. For example, in 2006 the Holy Spirit told me to ‘’connect churches and ministers using an event as a platform for preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ’’

You sometimes may not have heard an audible voice or conviction from the Holy Spirit about an idea. You can, however, subject your thoughts under the direction of the Holy Spirit for clarity and direction. If GOD gives an idea or inspiration to one, it is sure to meet a specific need. I am positive that GOD will not grant you an idea in a vacuum to be very conscious not to run ahead with a God-inspired idea without first knowing what needs it is meant to meet, who the targets are supposed to be and what form the products or services should take.

As a child of GOD, I believe that you do not have to have heard clearly in an audible voice or dramatic encounter to know this is God speaking. I believe this is an area some of us are getting it wrong. If you are a child of God, whatever idea that comes to your spirit, which is recurring, persisting, and unshakable, and when scrutinized in the light of God’s word does not negate or contradict your faith, watch it closely, God may be saying something here.

If the business idea you are thinking about aligns with your passion, life purpose, directions, correlates with your experiences and validate your skills, then this is an indication that God may be leading you this direction even when you did not hear an audible voice. If you desire to start a business and are yet to hear or receive a specific idea, your first step is to find a profitable business idea. According to Marlee Ward of Radical Entrepreneurship, there are two ways to do that:

1. Pick an idea from existing or proven business model.
2. Find a need in the marketplace and fill it.

Making money in business boils down to one thing: providing a service or product people are willing to pay for. Your job is to find out what that thing might be. And it becomes easier if you are focusing on your strength areas because it’s never easy building a business you have no skill or interest in.

How can you know?
Search forums: When you’re searching forums look for the things people are complaining about. If you discover enough people griping or desiring the same thing, you could be very close to finding a product or service people would pay for.

Search Social Networks: Search Facebook and LinkedIn groups related to your niche of interest, use Twitter search to find people talking about your area of expertise.

Conduct Keyword Research: Once you’ve gotten a feel for the kinds of problems, needs, and desires you want to address use Google Keyword Planner to get an idea of how large your target market could be.

Talk to people about their problems Nothing replaces the power of getting real-time human feedback on problems, needs, and desires people would pay to have addressed.

2. Understanding
by understanding hath he [God] established the heavens. Prov 3:19

Having received an idea either directly through the Holy Spirit or through systematic research and due diligence, you must meditate on the wisdom (high-level concept) you received until you have Faith in the wisdom. This is called understanding, which anchors the idea in your heart.

These verses point out that understanding creates the foundation of the idea. In the case of the earth, the heavens are the foundation of the earth, and with a house, the foundation is the ground it is established on. When your faith is built up concerning the business idea, then knowledge is released to make accurate decisions on the action steps to take.

3. Knowledge
By his knowledge, the depths are broken up, and the clouds drop down the dew. Prov 3:20

Finally, after you have understanding, which comes after your faith has been built upon the wisdom you received, God will begin to give you systematic knowledge on the need to know basis instructions on how to move forward with the idea on how to do it.

This usually comes as inner conviction, intuition and an assurance of what the next step should be. At this stage, you should begin to answer vital business questions such as what is the business concept, who would be the ideal target customer, where would they be located, what is their buying behaviors, how is the market structured, what would be the best model to use and so forth

Coming up next: How to test and validate the viability and profitability of your business idea.


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